Wise Words Wednesday #73



Simple Dinner Recipes for March

It’s been crockpot central in my new apartment! Between the ribs we loved last month and the recipes I have to share this month, it seems like that’s all we’ve been doing! 

But seriously, crock pot meals are just so simple! Most take 15 minutes or less to prep and then they cook while you work, do your errands, clean the house, etc. I love it! 

I have two recipes to share this month that were very easy but with delicious results. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Easy Crockpot Carnitas – Or as my boyfriend calls them “real tacos”. (Apparently to him, ground beef doesn’t constitute real tacos. Pshaw). But I will say these were so yummy! A nice citrus flavor that’s filling and refreshing. There were no good avocados at the store so we swapped it out for corn and shredded cheese. I’d also suggest squeezing a little extra lime juice when assembling your taco – a great kick of flavor! 

Cider Soaked Pulled Chicken – We’ve been on a cider kick lately so I was really excited when I found a recipe that incorporates the delicious crisp flavor. We used a more watery BBQ sauce than recommended so ours came out a little soggy, but we’re excited to try it again with a little less sauce! 

What recipes have you all tried lately? I’ll be sharing one of my own soon! 🙂 

Post Interview Thank You Notes

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten the opportunity to interview potential new team members. Remembering how much I hated interviews in college, this has been an interesting experience. I’ve been working to find the balance between not being too harsh but being able to really tell if the candidate would do well on our team. 

One aspect of interviewing that has a bigger impact than I realized is the post-interview thank you note. We recently interviewed someone we really liked, but his thank you emails were full of typos which immediately raised a red flag. Since these notes or emails could make or break you as a candidate, I thought I’d share my advice:

Be Prompt – a note should be sent within 24-48 hours. Most initial hiring decisions are made within that timeframe. 

Keep It Simple – No one wants to read a novel! Get to the point – thank them for their time and ask any questions. 

Reiterate Your Interest – Even though your interviewer knows you’re interested in the position emphasize how the interview with them increased your desire to working there. 

Personalize It – Sending a generic email is almost as bad as having typos or grammar mistakes. Touch on something you discussed with that specific interviewer. If they’ve interviewed multiple people that day, it’ll also help jog their memory. 

Proofread!!! – No typos or mistakes should make their way into this email. Even if you have to have a friend read it over, take the time to make sure it’s perfect before hitting “send”. 

What is your Thank You advice? Have you ever received a poorly written email from an otherwise excellent candidate?