The Polish Series: Pretty in Pink

Anyone who knows me would absolutely agree that I’m addicted to nail polish, despite my awful nail-biting habit. GIven my limited budget, I have to keep myself from going overboard and spending all of my earnings on nail polish alone (a completely doable thing, sadly). My favorite way to enable my addiction is by shopping at CVS. Their extra bucks and cosmetics coupons allow me to buy great brands at a much cheaper price. In fact, just the other day I bought two colors on a 2/$9 deal and also got $2 more in extra bucks for a future purchase! And even better, my local CVS takes expired coupons, so be sure to ask about that at your own. Think of all the savings!

I like to change up my colors pretty frequently, but you can never go wrong with a cute shade of pink. Below are my six personal favorites:


1. Hot Orchid by Milani – this fun polish has swirls of metallic to make it a fun but still office-appropriate option.

2. Purple Crush by Orly – Despite its name, this shade is a magenta-like product that adds a little funk to your workday.

3. Cream Pink by Sinful Colors – With a hint of sparkle, I love this polish for both toes and fingernails!

4. Tour de Finance by Essie – As a business school graduate, I was attracted to this color for its name first, but it’s a fun and bright pink that everyone can love.

5. Kiss of Pink by Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle – One of the newer additions to my collection, this shade is a bit more subtle than a hot pink, but still works for a fun pop of color.

6. Cafe Pink by Revlon ColorStay – A light pink to round out the options, this pink looks great when match with a silver accent.

As you can tell, I love a good shade of pink polish. Which shades are your favorites?


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