What to Wear to an Interview?

Job interviews are a necessary evil in the real world. I’ve never met anyone who honestly likes interviews, but how can you ever get your dream job without interviewing for it, right?

Last year – my senior year in college – was filled to the brim with job applications, networking, company research, interviews and thank you notes galore. Perhaps it was because I attended a business school, but the process for handling this job cycle was ingrained into me and seemed like second nature by the time I finally signed my offer letter.

So imagine my surprise when my best childhood friend, who had never been on a real job interview before, had no idea what to wear for the occasion. She was completely unaware that everyday office wear was not suitable (pun intended) for an interview. Maybe it was the business school environment in which I’d been engrossed for the past four years, but my mind was blown.

While suits are definitely not my favorite things to wear, there are all kinds of ways to make your own style stand out, and at an affordable price! I’ve utilized my newly-discovered love for Polyvore to come up with two sample options of interview-appropriate outfits. Let me know what you think!

Option 1

You can never go wrong with a pants suit for an interview! Despite the trendiness of skinny pants these days, make sure you wear regular trouser cut pants for this occasion. I love a bright and fun, but not distracting, printed top paired with simple jewelry and a sophisticated tote. You’ll stand out from other candidates in this option, but in a totally good way!

Option 2

If skirts are more your thing, this outfit is also a good option. Make sure your skirt is at the knee or just above and not skin-tight. Switching it up a little, you can try a plain top with a statement necklace to add a little personality to your suit attire. Go confidently in this outfit and you’ll be sure to impress any interviewers you face.

The key is to stand out from your competition while also presenting yourself as professional and the right fit for the job!

These outfits are great for the corporate world, but your outfit choices might change depending one the industry. What are your favorite looks to rock for an interview?


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