Bedding on a Budget

Practically the first thing I wanted to do when moving after graduation was purchase new bedding. I’d brought my own full-sized bed to college with me, so naturally I brought it back home as well. I did not, however, have any desire to bring the bed spread, sheets and pillow cases that had just undergone the past few years in a dorm room.

The problem? New bedding can be expensive. Luckily my thrifty mindset came in handy and I was able to score a great complete set (comforter, sheets, pillow cases and a few decorative pillows) for under $75!

The secret to my bedding success? Bed, Bath & Beyond!

They have great sets in a variety of styles, designers and colors. There’s something for everything from a dorm room, your first apartment, or the master bedroom in your dream house.

Even better, BB&B is known for its 20% off a single item coupons. Normally, the would fall under “eh” in my coupon portfolio, but when you’re looking at a bedding bundle that’s $150+, it’s a great deal!

Here are just a few budget friendly BB&B bedding options I came across on Polyvore but be sure to check out or your local store for more!


Where’s your favorite place to get bedroom decor? Would love to hear about other great deals!


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