Cartwheeling for Coupons

Target – one of my all-time favorite places to shop! It has a little bit of everything, from clothes to shoes, movies to books, makeup to hair products. I call it a bit of a blackhole, because every time I go in there intending to buy just one thing, I leave with at least three bags full of everything I never knew I needed.

One of the downsides to my beloved Target is that, even though their prices are usually great, they don’t have many coupons. Or so I thought. It just so happens that my friend started working for Target corporate, and she clued me into their new Cartwheel app. Savings galore! Amazing!


The app is pretty simple to use. You can browse different “categories” of coupons, which refer to all of their different departments. They have deals that range from 5%-50%! And they change pretty often, so it’s worth a look each time you shop there.

Once you find a deal, you add it to your Cartwheel and you can add up to 10 deals per transaction. Once you’ve added all of the deals your interested in, you just show the barcode to the cashier for them to scan. It may take a few minutes to browse through all of the categories you’re interested in, but with the savings you’ll rack up, it’s totally worth it!

To learn more about my new favorite app, check out Target’s site:


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