Learning LinkedIn

Considering that it didn’t exist even ten years ago, social media is a force to be reckoned with. It has completely redefined how we interact with others, including friends, family and even mere acquaintances. Given it’s ever-growing presence, it was only a matter of time before social media extended beyond our personal lives and entered into our careers as well.

LinkedIn has been around for just over ten years, but it is just now becoming a premier tool for the working world. With over 200 million users, the site offers an incredible opportunity to build your network and connect with others in your field(s) of interest.

Most of my fellow college graduates have at least created a LinkedIn profile, but many have admitted to being unsure of what to do beyond that. While I’m no expert user, I have greatly improved my LinkedIn knowledge over the past year or so and thought I’d share what I’ve learned. This I’ve created a LinkedIn Learning Series, in which I’ll post tips and tricks that I’ve picked up. Stay tuned for more detailed posts!


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