Used Books are Good Books

My love of reading is far from unknown, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this habit of mine can be quite expensive which does not bode well for my budget. One of my favorite ways to avoid the costs of reading is to borrow e-books from my local library, but that isn’t the only way to read great books without paying a hefty price!

Used books are a great way to enjoy reading within your budget. I’ll admit, when I first thought about buying used books, I was skeptical. In my mind, a “used book” meant dirty, worn or ripped. And yes, in some cases that is the truth. But I’ve found lots of used books that are in almost perfect condition, and I paid less than half the original price for them!

Luckily for me, there is a large used bookstore less than a half hour from me. Whenever I go, I spend anywhere from $20-40, but that will get me a dozen books or more! The store I go to has a wide variety of books, including lots of new and popular titles and even some DVDS. It’s definitely worth the time and investment to check out a local used bookstore if you’re an avid reader like me!

I can’t guarantee that there’s a quality used bookshop near you, but I know of lots of small ones in my area alone, so it’s definitely worth a look!

Have you purchased used books? What’s your favorite shop to find them?


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