Recommended Reading: Defending Jacob

Although trashy romances tend to be my first choice when I have a chance to read, I do like to change it up and challenge my brain every once in a while with a good mystery or thriller. One of my most recent must-read finds?

Defending Jacob by William Landay came recommended by a friend who is a fellow avid reader.

Without revealing too much of the plot, the book revolves around an assistant district attorney whose fourteen-year-old son is accused of the murder of his classmate. It follows the family as they deal with the social isolation, emotional stress, and financial drain involved in building a defense case against a murder charge. The twists and turns throughout left me constantly reeling and the shocking end left me with a “book hangover” for several days. This legal thriller is definitely a great read, as it gives you a different view of the legal system than your usual crime novel and in the end leaves you questioning your own gut instincts.

A bonus for me is that this book takes place outside of Boston, so I enjoyed reading about areas and places that I was familiar with! Also, there must be a trend in the books I’m reading since like another recent favorite, Before I Go to Sleep, there is a movie in the works for this book as well!

Have you read Defending Jacob? Or have any other legal thrillers to recommend?


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