LinkedIn: 10 Steps to a Basic Profile

LinkedIn is an excellent career networking tool, but it can only be a truly helpful tool if you take the time to make your profile stand out, and maintain it over time.

Setting up your profile is pretty easy to do, as LinkedIn has a tool that allows you to see how complete your profile is. Ideally, you want your profile to be considered 100% complete. The tool will tell you what you’re missing and guide you in updating that section.


There are 10 key components to getting your profile to 100%. I’ve listed them out below, along with a brief description, but stay tuned for future for a more in depth discussion on some important topics!

1. Your current job title, company and brief description

2. Two previous (or concurrent) jobs

3. Your education background, most importantly your most recent/current degree

4. Five relevant work skills, such as Microsoft programs, market research, graphic design, etc.

5. 50+ “connections”

6. A career-appropriate profile picture

7. Your current industry & zip code

8. Work (or school) samples/projects

9. A personal summary

10. Volunteer experience

Completing this information for your profile will help you get your LinkedIn profile off the ground and put you in a good position to really start using your account to help you achieve your career goals.

Check out these articles for some more information on creating a basic LinkedIn profile!

Stay tuned for future Learning LinkedIn posts for more information on making the most of this great career networking tool!


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