Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Desk

One of the biggest adjustments in going from the life of a full-time student to a life with a full-time job has been how I spend my days. In school, I would constantly be on the go, between my dorm room, my sorority house, the dining hall, classrooms, the library, my internship, etc etc. I never worried too much about decorating (though I’ve always been a big fan of colored pens to spruce up all my notes), because I didn’t spend too much time in one place.

Now, I spend 8+ hours a day in a teeny tiny cube, surrounded by 3.5 fake walls. Like in most offices, my cubicle is plain, bland and sterile-looking. So on top of adjusting to spending almost all of my days in my small cubicle, I’m going stir crazy staring at plain (fake) walls all day long.

To keep myself from going completely crazy, I’ve added some small decorations to my desk to make it more colorful and a reflection of my own personality. As I said, I am not one for decorating, but I was amazed with how much of an impact just a few small pieces could make!

So, of course, I’ve taken to my favorite site – Polyvore – to demonstrate how a few items can go a long way:

Picture Frames work wonders in a small cubicle. Not only do they brighten things up with a fun shape, color or pattern, but they can also cheer you up! I love seeing pictures of my friends and family when I’m stressed out at work – it instantly calms me down.

Bulletin Boards with a fun fabric are another great option. You can either buy an already-assembled one, or make your own fairly simply. The versatility of these boards allows you to hang pictures or notes in your own creative way.

Magazine Racks are a unique storage method for your work papers and notes. They add a simple pop of color and are a practical way to keep everything organized. I love having these at my desk so I can de-clutter and find my papers easily!

Paperclip Holders come in all shapes, colors and styles. If you go through paperclips like I do, it is infinitely more fun to pull them from a pretty decoration than a cardboard box.

Colorful Post-Its, who couldn’t love these?! I have lots of little notes stuck around my desk and the bright colors instantly make my plain white surroundings a bit more interesting.

Each of these items can be bought inexpensively and some, such as picture frames and bulletin boards, can even be made on your own! Stores such as Marshall’s, Target and Staples carry these items and it’s usually possible to find a decent coupon to make your purchase even more valuable!

How have you brightened up your cubicle? What is your favorite piece of desk decor?


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