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When I first began looking for a full-time job during my senior year in college, I found myself at a complete loss as to where to start. There were so many things to consider, from cover letters to resumes, interviews to thank you letters, and more. I felt so overwhelmed and while my school’s career center was helpful to some degree, I needed more in-depth direction than they could offer in a 30 minute session.

Monster is an often-recognized job board site, where you can find postings for jobs in almost every field. What fewer people seem to realize is that Monster has more than just job postings on their site. They have a great career resources section, which has all kinds of articles for job seekers.

There are articles here with advice for everything job related, such as resume and cover letter writing, salary negotiations and networking. They’re simple articles that can guide you in the right direction and answer almost every career question you could possibly have. And in addition to everything job seekers need, there are also great tips for career development and improving once you’ve landed the job.
Some of my favorite articles?
Resume Critique Checklist
5 Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work
100 Potential Interview Questions

So whether you’re looking for your dream job, or just want to know how to stay on top of your career game, be sure to check out Monster for some great articles to help you along!


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