Review: Glassdoor App

Searching for a new job is never an easy process. It’s nearly impossible to find a job that has everything you need – the right field, seniority level, location, salary, advancement opportunities and so on.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with in job searching is that, unless I know someone working at the company, it’s really hard to get a feel for the true company culture. And as culture can have a significant impact on the potential job, it’s an important thing to know about!

One great way to learn more about what working for a company is like is by using, or their mobile app. It’s a great all-in-one job searching tool!


The app has an easy to use layout, which includes job postings, company profiles and salary ranges.

1. Job Postings – This part of the app is fairly similar to any job board site/app. You can search for jobs by title, keyword, location, etc. You can save your searches so notifications will come up when there are new postings that fit the criteria for that search.

2. Company Search – With this function, you can search for a specific company or, as shown above, for companies in a certain area. On each company’s page, depending on their relative size, you can find reviews by current and former employees, office photos, job postings, and interview overviews. This is a great way to get a firsthand look at what the company is like, as the reviews are pretty honest and straightforward. I’ve learned a lot about companies I thought I would love to work for by reading these reviews!

3. Salary Ranges – Now that I’m in full-time career mode, rather than just internships, I’ve found that many job applications require you to include a desired salary range. This stresses me out, because you don’t want to prevent yourself from getting a good salary but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the competition. Using the salary function of Glassdoor’s app, you can search salaries for specific companies or for a job title in your geographical area. Such a valuable tool!

Overall, I’m impressed with the Glassdoor app. It’s easy to use and can be used even without signing up for a (free) account. It goes above and beyond other job search apps that I’ve used!

What do you think of the Glassdoor app? Do you have other job apps you prefer


Resume Resources

Resumes are a necessary evil for most young adults, especially for those of us who want to build a career in the corporate world. The problem is, there is no perfect resume. In the end, it comes down to your personal taste and what will best highlight your applicable skills and experiences.

I recently wrote a post on 7 ways to rock your resume , but I thought it might be helpful to share where I’ve learned some of my resume knowledge. Check out my top resume resources below:

1. Purdue OWL: My college English professor first told me abut OWL, which has all kinds of writing resources. This particular section gives overviews of important resume-related topics, with links to more detailed articles in the headers.

2. Monster Career Resources: As I mentioned in a post last month, beyond just it’s job boards, Monster has all kinds of articles aimed at helping with your job search process. There are sample resumes as well as lists of do’s and don’t’s.

3.’s Job Search Hub: Another site that has lists of helpful resume-related articles. Each article has links to dozens more, so you’ll certainly be able to find the advice that you need!

4. College/University Career Center: Even as an alum, I still have access to my college vast array of career resources. Check out your school’s career center to see what they offer!

Best of luck with any resume-writing you do in the near future! Do you have any go-to resources to share?

The Polish Series: Ravishing Reds

To me, red is a classic manicure color. Perhaps it’s because red is my favorite color, but I’ve always thought it makes for a great polish choice. The difficulty though is in finding the right shade of red. Not too pink, too orange, too sparkly, too dull, etc. These are my 4 current favorite shades of red nail polish:


I Love You Cherry Much – Nicole by OPI. This sparkly red adds a pop of color and shine. You might need a few coats since the base is fairly sheer, but it leads to a great look in the end.

Sangria – Covergirl Outlast. This pinky-red is a perfect shade if you’re hesitant to try out a red manicure, since it’s bright and fun, but not too overpowering. Also, this small sized bottle is great to take when you’re traveling!

Ruby Ruby – Sinful Colors. I’ve had this shade for a long time and it is still one of my favorites. It’s a bright red with just a hint of shimmer.

Divine Wine – Sally Hansen. This shade is a bit darker than the others and comes with a subtle sparkle. Great for date night!

What are your favorite shades of red polish? Got any to recommend?

Review: Primal Instincts Palette

In terms of makeup, I usually go with just the basics. I don’t have the artistic talent or the patience required to put together a fancy finished product. Concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow and mascara – that’s my usual routine.

Since I don’t use much makeup, I’ve never really invested a lot into my makeup. No fancy name brands in my makeup drawer! But one day, I had some time to spare before meeting some friends for dinner, so I wandered into the Sephora next door. For a budget conscious girl like myself, the prices seemed a little high to me, especially since I keep my makeup routine low key. But I came across a pretty palette that was on sale – $15!


Sephora’a Primal Instinct Palette includes mostly tan and brown neutrals, with some splashes of color and sparkle. These colors might not work best for everyone, but for a blue-eyed gal like myself, these shades are my usual go-to.

Though there is a wide variety of colors, the colors all blend pretty well together. This gives you a lot of options when deciding on your look! It’s a lot easier than trying to find individual colors that blend together on their own. There is also a mirror within the case, so this is a handy kit to bring when you’re on the move.

Some of the colors come out darker than you expect when applying the shadow, so keep that in mind. The sparkles are also a bit too shimmery for my taste. There’s no brush or even space for a brush, so if you do take it on the go with you, you either have to remember to bring a brush or use your fingers.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good kit, especially for the sale price I paid. My suggestion would be to try out the colors on a tester if possible to make sure that shades suit you well.

Anyone have any Sephora products they love? Or eyeshadow palettes they’d suggest?


Red Velvet Cookies

Baking is something that I’ve always found to be relaxing, and now that I’m back home rather than in a college dorm, I’ve been enjoying baking whenever the occasion calls (which is quite frequently…). As such, I always love to try new recipes! This particular one I stumbled across on Twitter and was very excited to make for Valentine’s Day last month. Who doesn’t love a theme cookie?!


Similar to my favorite chocolate caramel cookies, these Red Velvet Cookies are made using a box cake mix, meaning they’re super easy to make!

1 box of red velvet cake mix
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 large eggs
Optional toppings: chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, walnuts or powdered sugar

-Preheat oven to 375°F

-Combine ingredients, including chosen topping (unless you chose powdered sugar) in a large bowl. If available, I suggest using a hand mixer or full size mixer, as the dough gets a bit tricky to mix by hand!

-Scoop 1 inch balls onto lined cookie sheet. Press down on each ball to flatten them out a bit – this makes for more even cooking.

-Bake for 9-12 minutes. The tops of the cookies will crack and the dough inside should look only slightly moist.

-If you’re using powdered sugar as your topping, let the cookies cool and then sprinkle it over the top.

This recipe is super yummy and so easy! I love the versatility of toppings as well, since you can change up the recipe so easily. Enjoy!