Spring Cleaning: Your Closet

With spring, and hopefully warmer weather, right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to clear out the clutter that’s accumulated over the hibernation-inducing winter season.


Not sure where to start? Here are some tips:
1. Get rid of things you don’t wear or are stained/ripped/broken. These items are just taking up precious closet space, so unless they have some sort of sentimental value, their time is up.
2. Donate or sell your old clothes. A quick Google search will tell you nearby places that are accepting gently worn items either for donation or sale. Rather than just throw them out, these items can go to someone who wants them!
3. Once you’ve slimmed down your closet a bit, switch all the hangers to the opposite direction. Then when you hang them back up, hang them as you normally do. This way, when you do your spring closet cleanse next year, you can easily identify items that haven’t been worn in at least a year. It’ll make the process lots quicker!

Once you’ve finished cleaning, donating/selling and organizing, I can guarantee you’ll feel a huge sense of relief! Now you can look at your closet without the unnecessary clutter of everything you don’t wear and can easily find what you do want to wear.

Plus now you have a little more room for those cute spring items you’ve had your eye on 😉


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