Student Discounts

When I was in college, I often looked at my student ID as a bit of a nuisance. I was constantly losing it, and to get a new one cost at least $10. What I wish I had realized at the time is that this ID provides access to all kinds of student discounts at all different stores!


It’s widely known that students are usually on a tight budget, but they also enjoy spending money on shopping and entertainment, hence the use of student discounts by stores across the country. The stores listed below have discounts of between 10 and 20% off when you show a valid student ID:
-Banana Republic
-Charlotte Russe
-J. Crew

But it’s not just clothing that you can save on by showing your student ID. Lots of restaurants, tech companies, tourist attractions, movie theaters and performing arts centers and more offer savings! Some of my favorites include:
-Madame Tussauds

And there’s more! Public transportation, hotels, magazines and insurance companies often offer some sort of student discount.

So next time you’re making a big purchase or feeling the weight of your tight budget, be sure to search the web for any possible student discounts!


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