Resume Resources

Resumes are a necessary evil for most young adults, especially for those of us who want to build a career in the corporate world. The problem is, there is no perfect resume. In the end, it comes down to your personal taste and what will best highlight your applicable skills and experiences.

I recently wrote a post on 7 ways to rock your resume , but I thought it might be helpful to share where I’ve learned some of my resume knowledge. Check out my top resume resources below:

1. Purdue OWL: My college English professor first told me abut OWL, which has all kinds of writing resources. This particular section gives overviews of important resume-related topics, with links to more detailed articles in the headers.

2. Monster Career Resources: As I mentioned in a post last month, beyond just it’s job boards, Monster has all kinds of articles aimed at helping with your job search process. There are sample resumes as well as lists of do’s and don’t’s.

3.’s Job Search Hub: Another site that has lists of helpful resume-related articles. Each article has links to dozens more, so you’ll certainly be able to find the advice that you need!

4. College/University Career Center: Even as an alum, I still have access to my college vast array of career resources. Check out your school’s career center to see what they offer!

Best of luck with any resume-writing you do in the near future! Do you have any go-to resources to share?


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