App Review: Spotify

Working at a desk all day can get pretty tedious. To break up the monotony of my day, I usually listen to music either on my iPod or through different apps on my phone.

A few months ago, a friend suggested I try the free Spotify app. I had heard of Spotify before but never really got into it, especially since the mobile app used to only work for paid customers. But now it’s free and with some exploring, it has become one of my favorite music apps!


-Playlists allow you to put all your favorite songs in one place, so you have a go to soundtrack for any occasion.
-You can “follow” friends and other users, meaning you can listen to playlists they make public and share your musical interests. You can even share what you’re listening to on Facebook.
-The “Browse” section allows you to choose music based on your mood or for a certain occasion.
-There are lots of playlists already created, both by Spotify and other users, so even if you don’t feel like making your own, there’s plenty to listen to.
-The radio option (similar to Pandora) lets you listen to songs of the same style as your favorite artists or songs

-Because you’re streaming music, the app can definitely drain your battery and use up a good amount of data if you don’t have an unlimited plan
-You only get 6 skips per hour, which gets annoying
-Unless I’m missing something, you can only “shuffle” playlists, not choose which song you want to play next

For the most part, I really enjoy the Spotify app. I personally find it easier to use than their website. What do you all think of the Spotify app?


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