Photo Collages

Earlier this week, when #nationalsiblingsday was trending on my Facebook feed, I decided to one-up my brother’s post by posting a collage of pictures of us growing up. For me, it was a pretty simple thing to do and I enjoyed going through our baby books to find the best pictures. But my parents were amazed by how I put the collage together. When I told them I just used an app, they were shocked!

I realized that something so simple for me was an unknown to them. Have you guys ever used a photo collage app before? I like to make them for special occasions and also use them a lot for the blog. I thought I’d share my favorite collage apps in case you guys want to try some 🙂


(All of these apps can be found in the Apple App Store)

Picstitch – If you use Instagram, you’ve probably heard of this app the most. It has a lot of basic frame layouts for free and allows you to upload the photo directly to the social media app of your choice.

Photo Collage (Kai Xia) – I use this one a lot for the blog, since it has features that aren’t available on Picstitch. This app includes font options, borders and a variety of layouts.

Photo Frame Editor (Kai Qian Chen) – I don’t use this one as much as the other two above, but it has the most options for fonts and also includes different printed borders. It doesn’t have as many layouts, but there are some fun options!

Have you tried any photo collage apps? Which are your favorites?


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