Outlet Rewards!

Retail outlets are a budget-conscious girl’s best friend. You can get quality items at a fraction of the price, allowing you to grow your wardrobe without breaking the bank. What more could you want?!

Welllll, more discounts can never hurt, right? Surprisingly few people realize that many outlets have coupons on top of the hefty discounts already applied. More savings!

There are different ways to cash in on these extra coupons. You can sign up for emails for the outlet of your favorite stores (hint: they’re sometimes called factory stores instead of outlets). But in addition to that, some outlet mall chains offer coupons as well.

For example, Tanger Outlets are popular near me. I’m a big fan because I find they have a good mix of affordable workwear and casual clothes. I’m not very into designers, so premium outlets don’t hold much appeal for me.

Tanger Outlets have their own rewards program. For a one-time few of $10, you’re eligible to receive a booklet of discounts for most of the stores. The booklet by itself is $10 each time, so why not sign up for the same price just once and keep reaping the rewards? In addition, you qualify for email coupons and sale alerts, special coupons on your birthday and more!

I can’t speak for any other outlet chains, but this one has great rewards. I would definitely recommend doing some research before you next hit the outlets.

Do you have a favorite outlet chain or store? What kind of great rewards do they offer?


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