Fictional Blogs

Admittedly, I am quite the bookworm. I’m usually reading some book or another, generally a trashy romance novel since they’re nice easy reads with a guaranteed happy ending. I usually read on my Kindle or iPad, so I can take my book wherever I go.

But since I started working full-time, I came across a type of writing/reading I had never heard of: fictional blogs!


These are blogs where the author share their fictional stories through weekly posts. I enjoy reading these because I can continue with them over time, whereas with a book I’m done with the story within a few days. I usually subscribe to these blogs so I get an email when I new post is ready, which is great so I don’t forget and miss a post!

The blogs below are the four that I’m currently following, and I highly recommend each! The story lines are fun, interesting and keep you guessing!

Minne Apple Girl ( – Posts Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Breakups Makeups ( – Posts Tuesday and Friday, with occasional extra posts on Thursday

High Heels & Happy Hour ( – Generally posts Wednesday & Saturday

Love Sex Pizza ( – Currently on hiatus (meaning you have time to catch up!) but posts Tuesday & Thursday

I also enjoy reading Cosmo’s Bedroom Blog when it’s running. Love Sex Pizza used to be on the Bedroom Blog, until the author took a new job elsewhere. But according to twitter, they should be having a new Bedroom Blog author posting soon, so I’m excited to add that back to my fictional blog list!

Do you read any fictional blogs? Which is your favorite?


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