Free Workout Videos

Summer is just around the corner! Or at least, that’s what they tell me. You’d never think so considering it’s 50° here in Massachusetts today. But those beach days are quickly approaching and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to tone up a bit before slipping into a bikini.

While I do have a membership at a local gym (where I’m still paying the student rate – score!), I sometimes prefer to work out in the privacy of my own home. One of the fun ways I like to exercise is by trying new routines, to keep things interesting, but since I’m no fitness expert, I never know where to start. Which is why I’ve taken up using free workout videos. Who knew there were so many free videos out there?!


YouTube is a great place to get short exercise videos. I like to search YouTube if I want to try a new move or type of equipment, such as when I first started using kettlebells.

You can also search Pinterest for workout videos. While this usually doesn’t take you right to a video, it can give you lists of free ones that come recommended. This lessens the amount of time you’d spend weeding through lower quality videos to find the ones you like.

If you have a subscription, Hulu Plus is another great resource. Most of these are clips, so you don’t get a full length video, but it will definitely give you ideas for some new moves to work into your routine. Tip: try searching “fitness”; they can be a little hard to find otherwise.

Living at home with my parents has its advantages and one of those is Comcast On Demand. There are all kinds of full length workouts for a variety of experience levels. If you have some space in your living room, you can do anything from yoga to Zumba, all for no more than you already pay!

I would recommend checking out these resources if you’re looking to change up your exercise routine. Do you have any favorite workout sites or videos to share?


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