Learning LinkedIn: Personal Summaries

The summary of your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that visitors see. It’s your first (and possibly only) chance to make a good impression on potential recruiters and connections.

I’ve always found this to be the most difficult part of my profile to write. Just like when I have to write cover letters, I struggle with how to sell myself without coming off as conceited or over-confident. After some research, I’ve gathered up some tips I believe will help you write your personal summary:

Allow your personality to shine.
Recruiters are reading tons of summaries, so you want yours to be unique and show who you are, not just what kind of work you’ve done. Don’t write out a repetition of what your profile says. Give this section some personality so that you stand out.

Keep it concise.
You want to give enough detail to draw a reader’s attention, but there’s no need to write a novel. Let’s be honest, no one is going to read an overly long summary. Get the important stuff in there but cut out the unnecessary extras, especially if they’re repeated elsewhere in your profile.

Write in first person.
It’s just awkward to read a profile that says something like “Miss Smith is an experienced…” or “She has worked on a variety of projects…”. This is your profile, so you should be writing about yourself.

Be well-rounded.
This section is an opportunity to give a brief explanation of yourself, your experience, your interests and your goals. Don’t write solely about one aspect of your life. Tie it all together to show that you’re a multi-dimensional person.

Here are some great articles on how to write a standout LinkedIn summary, as well as other profile tips:

Good luck with writing your summary – I know I’ll be working on mine this weekend!

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