Scarves: A Simple Accessory

When it comes to fashion, I usually like to keep things pretty simple. I’m not one for crazy patterns or lots of mixing colors. I also have never been very big into jewelry. While I’ll throw on a necklace or bracelets occasionally, I usually just don’t think to find jewelry to match my outfit.

But despite my plain tendencies and lack of motivation when it comes to jewelry, I quickly get sick of having a plain and boring outfit. This is why my new favorite accessory has become scarves.

(Check out the collage details here on Polyvore)

Scarves are a great way to change up an outfit an add a pop of color or fun print without it being overwhelming. There are lots of different styles and ways to wear them, so you have even more options of how to Incorporate them into your outfit. Plus they’re often a lot cheaper than jewelry, which is great for a budget conscious new grad like me!

Fun story: My favorite two scarves are actually from Camden Market in London. I got them for £2 each (less than $4!) and I love being reminded of my trip each time I wear them.

You can find scarves at most of your favorite clothing stores, but here are my favorite places to buy them:
• Target
• Francesca’s Collections
• The Paper Store
• Kohl’s
• Dress Barn
• Charming Charlie

Each of these stores has unique scarves to choose from, and all for an affordable price!

Where did you get your favorite scarf?


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