Gold Stacked

When it comes to jewelry, I tend to stick to a simpler look. Most days, I don’t even put on more jewelry than the claddagh ring I always wear. But lately, I’ve been really intrigued by the new trend of stacked bangles, so I decided to try it out for myself. Here’s the result:
This look is a combination of a variety of pieces from a few of my favorite shops. The pieces from left to right are:

•The basic bangles throughout are from a textured bangle set that I got at Claire’s for just $9.50. I love this set for two reasons: the variety of textures add more dimension to the look and the set comes in different sizes – which is great for someone with small hands like me!

•You might not be able to tell, but there is an Alex and Ani bangle hiding in there as well. Alex and Ani was my first foray into the bangle look and I’ve collected a few different ones since. I like that you can wear them individually, with other Alex and Ani’s or mixed in with other bracelets like I did above. These bangles are pretty affordable as well, averaging around $28 for the basic style.

•The next bracelet is a new purchase that just arrived this weekend. It’s from a new online jewelry company – Trend Tribe – that offers the latest trends for affordable prices. I’m loving it already! This Santa Fe statement bracelet is a great piece because it achieves the stacked look all on it’s own, with the mix of materials and colors adding lots of interest for just $20.

•The pearl piece is a bit more expensive, but it was an anniversary gift, so I love to show it off whenever I can. It is a simple pearl bracelet from Macy’s. You can copy the look for less easily or invest in a piece like this, as pearl bracelets are a classic piece that never seem to go out of style.

•The arrow cuff was another gift and is no longer sold, but you can find a similar style at Francesca’s for just $12. This is a popular style right now, and you can also find similar pieces at Trend Tribe and Claire’s as well.

Have you tried the stacked look? Where are your favorite places to buy bangles?


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