Polish Perfection: Sinful Colors

I have always found doing my own nails to be relaxing. It gives me a half hour or so to just sit back and treat myself and take a break from any stress that’s going on.

I’ve never been one for manicures at an actual salon, though. My skin is incredibly sensitive to new products and I’m very picky about the finished look of my nails, so it’s never seem worth the cost to go get my nails “professionally done”.

As a result, I’ve amassed quite a collection of nail polish. I have made it a point to try a variety of different brands in order to find what works best for me, and I have definitely found a brand I like the most: Sinful Colors


Here are some of the highlights of Sinful Colors polish:
Quality – I hardly ever have an issue with this polish chipping or smudging, which is key for me since I tend to redo my nails as soon as I see a chip!

Variety – Like any successful nail polish brand, Sinful Colors had a wide array of colors from which to choose. But in addition, there are different textures and finishes, such as a shimmer or sparkle, which allows you to add a little something unique to your manicure.

Inexpensive – The price probably varies depending on the store and your location, but I generally only pay $2 for a full-sized bottle. Compared to $8 for “high quality” brands, this is a huge bargain.

Brush Size – This may seem an unusual factor to consider, but I have very small nails beds. So when a polish brush is too wide, it’s difficult to paint my nails neatly. While Sinful Colors’ brushes are larger than some brands, they’re a good size for me and allow me to have a good amount of control when applying polish, which makes for a much better final product.

All in all, I suggest you check out Sinful Colors. While I still enjoy other brands such as Essie, OPI and Orly, I feel Sinful Brands can sometimes be viewed as low quality due to its low price. But I assure you that has not been my experience.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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