DIY: Photobooth

Photobooths have grown in popularity recently as a fun way to document a big event, such as a wedding or anniversary. Generally, a photographer is hired to take the pictures, and in some cases provide the costumes, and print them out right then for guests to take home.

The convenience of this method is great but the issue is, these can be rather expensive, averaging somewhere around $1,000 for 4 hours…yikes!

Instead, I’d suggest looking into creating your own photobooth, as I recently did for an event with some friends. 20140721-141431-51271573.jpg

Here’s what you need:
Large white sheet. Or if you have an organization you’re promoting, a banner would work as well! Tack it up to a wall as your backdrop and you’re good to go.

Costumes. Masks, boas, hats, beads, etc. Perhaps it’s because I just graduated from college, but I have all kinds of costume pieces from different theme parties I’ve attended. Ask your friends to bring some if you think you don’t have enough! Tip: stores have lots of costumes and accessories hugely discounted the week after Halloween.

Props. Funny little signs are a fun addition to the photos. You can make your own or purchase some on sites like Etsy. Some Etsy examples:


Camera. We used a digital camera on a tripod. You can set the timer so you don’t need a dedicated photographer!

Digital Printer. This is optional, if you want to be able to print the pictures out right away. We just posted ours to Facebook for people to print or use as they pleased.

While you might not have all of the items above, be sure to ask around amongst your friends before buying them…you never know what someone might have. We didn’t have to spend anything on our photobooth, which was great!

And it’s that simple! Enjoy your party and send your guests home with some hilarious photobooth shots to remember the night!

Have you ever made your own photobooth? What props did you use?


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