My Favorite Quote Sites

As you might have guessed based on my Wise Words Wednesday series, I am a big fan of quotes. I have always loved the little bit of motivation or inspiration that a simple quote can offer. There is quite possibly a quote out there for every situation, and I love searching for the perfect ones. I have a few favorite places to browse for quotes, and I thought I would share them.

Favorite Quote Sites

  • Pinterest has a lot of great quote graphics. You can browse through the general Quotes category or search for something more specific. My Wise Words board on Pinterest includes all of the Wise Words Wednesday posts as well as other quotes that stand out to me.
  • I also find a lot of quotes on Twitter, such as those I retweet every Wednesday. I follow a lot of different quote-based handles, but some of my favorites are: @BeInspowered, @Quote_Soup, @Inspire_Us and @DavidRoads.
  • Searching for different quote lists can also be a good resource. Goodreads has an excellent list of literary quotes, which I’ve used several times before. If you have a specific type of quote that you’re looking for, such as for a graduation or a big move, a quick Google search will usually get you some good results!

These are just a few of the places I generally look to find the perfect Wise Words Wednesday post, but I’m a frequent flyer at each. Do you have any great quote sites to suggest?


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