Kayak Flight Alerts

One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make since graduating is not having my friends right next door every day. In college, we all lived together or, at most, within a five minute walk from one another.

This has led to something exciting though – lots of reasons to travel! Several friends have moved to completely different states. This has given me the opportunity to explore new places while catching up with old friends.

The downside? Travel costs add up quick! Sure, my flight to Chicago was only $200, but then you have to factor in the costs for food and sightseeing. My four day trip to visit a friend ended up costing over $500. And to a tight-budgeted new grad like myself, that’s a pretty hefty amount to spend on just one weekend.

There are all kinds of way to save money when traveling, but one of the simplest is on your flights. Kayak offers a great option: price alerts


The concept is pretty simple: you know where you want to go and want to find the best price. If you’re not picky about exact dates or times, alerts are great. You set up an alert for the trip you want to take and the max price you want to pay.

For example, as you can see above in the email I received just this morning, I want to go to Ireland someday. After doing some research, it seemed that a flight under $700 from Boston would be a great deal, so I set up an alert through my Kayak account. Now I get an email whenever the price drops below $700 round trip, with a list of flight options if there’s more than one.

I now have alerts for all the cities I’d like to visit someday. There are occasionally amazing deals on flights, but as they happen randomly, I’d have no way of knowing otherwise! And once you have everything set up once, you don’t have to do anything but look out for the occasional emails. So simple!

Have you used Kayak’s price alerts? What’s the best flight deal you’ve found?


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