App Review: Jo-Ann Fabrics

I have been on a crafting spree lately and as such, Jo-Ann Fabrics has become one of my favorite stores. Unfortunately for my wallet, there is a store right on my way home so I’ve found myself making almost weekly visits!

It was on one of those trips that I first heard about the app for Jo-Ann Fabrics. I was surprised to hear they actually have one, since a lot of my favorite stores still don’t, so I was really interested to check it out.


•The simple app layout makes it easy to navigate, unlike some other stores apps I’ve seen

•Coupons! You don’t have to create an account or log in to have access to these coupons.

•Plus, the app shows upcoming coupons. This way if you know you need something soon but not right away, you can plan your trip around the best upcoming coupon.

•Easy-to-view sales flyers let you see what’s on sale at the moment, which is great if you’ve had your eye on a certain item but don’t want to pay full price

•You can’t shop directly on the app. However, if you select the “Shop” app, it does open their site in your browser.

•Most of the coupons on the app don’t work on sale items. It is written in the fine print of the coupon itself but still something to be aware of when you’re shopping!

•The downside to the simplicity of the app is that there aren’t all that many features. There isn’t much to see beyond what I already listed above.

Overall, I think this app is a good start for Jo-Ann Fabrics. It gives shoppers the essential features upfront and allows room for growth and development over time. I look forward to seeing the app progress and will be taking advantage of what it does offer in the meantime!


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