Back to School Basics

Fall is almost here! And for many of you out there, that means that start of another school year. I’m actually going back to school as well, for an MBA, so I’m fully in back-to-school mode, even though I’m only doing it part-time since I’m working as well.

No matter what degree you’re pursuing or how far along you are, there are some basic items that every student really needs to start off the semester smoothly.


•While the first item might vary depending on where your school is located, a go-to jacket is a definite must. This faux-leather jacket is a great option – the color matches just about everything, it’s a good mid-weight for warmth, and it’s affordable which means if it gets dirty or ruined, you won’t be so upset since you didn’t spend a small fortune on it.

•Mid- or light-weight scarves are the perfect accessory for the fall. Pick one up in a neutral color and you can throw it in your bag in case it gets unexpectedly chilly.

•Dark wash skinny jeans or jeggings are a favorite of mine. They match any top and go well with flats or boots – my footwear of choice in the fall. Find your perfect pair and grab them in a couple different shades!

•Trust me when I say a laptop case is a worthwhile investment. I had my laptop break due to it getting knocked around in my bag quite a few times an as undergrad. Once I even lost everything on my computer, right before finals. Find a cute style and use it – you’ll thank yourself later.

•Statement necklaces are totally in right now, so find one that can go with just about everything, such as this gold one pictured above. They’re a great way to dress up a simple outfit without much effort. Trend Tribe and Bauble Bar have lots of really cute options that are also super affordable.

•Whether you go with a backpack or a tote, having one bag dedicated to school stuff is key. This way you can leave all the basics like your notebooks or pens in it and just toss your books and laptop in when you’re heading out the door. There’s a lot of cute backpack styles out there right now, so take advantage!

Picking up these 6 simple items will ensure that you start your school year off on the right foot. For details on the items pictured about, check out my Polyvore set.

Good luck with your new semester!


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