Housewarming Care Packages

One of the biggest adjustments to post-college life has been not having all my friends within 5 minutes of me everyday. Some of my closest friends now live thousands of miles away.

Since I can’t be there for a housewarming party to celebrate their new home, I like the idea of sending them a care package instead. While what you send depends on your relationship and their personality, here are some simple gift ideas that most young women would love for their apartment.
IMG_1935.JPGCheck out my Polyvore set for details on each of these items.

1. Calendar/Planner – I never thought I would need an “agenda book” once I graduated college but in fact I use it more often now than I ever did before. It’s so helpful to see the calendar laid out in an old school, non-digital way. There are so many fun patterns and colors out there, so find one that fits your friend’s personality. I bought mine at The Paper Store and plan on getting my 2015 calendar from there as well.

2. Candles – everyone wants their home to smell nice so you can’t go wrong with a nice scented candles. The set in the picture is from Target but Yankee Candle is great if you’re looking for more variety.

3. Picture Frame – Send your friend a pretty framed picture of the two of you, or your group of friends so she has it when she feels lonely. I always love the frames at Marshall’s – they have fun styles for really good prices.

4. Throw Pillows are a great accent piece. If you know your friend’s color scheme, send her a matching pillow for her to snuggle up with when she’s missing her friends. Bed Bath & Beyond has really unique accent pillows, so check there. Especially if you have one of their 20% off coupons!

5. Vases are always good to have on hand and a pretty design can be a good decor piece for an apartment. IKEA has some interesting vase designs, all of which are pretty well-priced.

6. Something specific to your friendship will remind your friend that you are always there for her, despite the difference. Owls are a symbol of my sorority so sending my friend a cute owl statue is a reminder of our sisterhood. Etsy is a great resource for customized items that your friend will love.

Once you have your gifts picked out, wrap them up well, add a card and ship them off! It’ll be a great surprise for your friend, especially if she’s feeling a little homesick.


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