Statement Necklaces

Hey there! Sorry for no post on Friday – had some technical issues but it looks like everything is good now!

An easy way to add a little interest to an otherwise simple outfit is with a statement necklace. They look great with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to your favorite LBD.

The best past is that statement necklaces are really popular now, so you can get great varieties at affordable prices. Check out some of my favorites:

1. H&M (top left) – $19.95
2. Bauble Bar (middle left) – $46
3. Charming Charlie (bottom left) – $28
4. Trend Tribe (top right) – $25
5. Express (bottom right) – $29.90

The stores above all have a good selection of statement necklaces. I would also suggest checking out Target, Kohl’s and Francesca’s – I’ve had good luck at all three!

I like to choose statement necklaces that have a variety of colors in them, or are composed of all neutrals, so they’ll match almost anything. They’re a great way to change up your outfit, which I love because I tend to get bored with my officewear.

What’s your favorite store for statement necklaces?


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