App Access on Facebook

Internet, mobile phones and apps are pretty great – they allow us instant access to information and people in a way that was unimaginable just thirty years ago. But with this comes some negatives, one of which is a greater threat to data security. Downloading and using apps allows the companies that develop these apps to have access to information on your social media profiles, like Facebook.

The other day, I was looking to change a setting on my Facebook app and stumbled across a list of apps that had access to my profile. I had no idea that over 70 apps, most of which I had used only once or hadn’t been used in years. Some only had limited access such as my name but others were able to view (and likely store) a slew of other information I personally would prefer they didn’t have access to.

I’ve slowly been working my way through removing these apps from my accounts, and thus removing their access to my information. In case you’re like me and have no idea what to do, here are the steps. It’s pretty simple!

1. On the app, click “More” on the bottom right and then click “Settings”


2. On the next screen, select “Apps”.


3. The first option on this next screen, “Logged in with Facebook”, shows all of the apps that are connected with your account. Click on that to see the full list.



4. Choose an app to remove, scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “Remove App”.


5. Be sure to check off the box to delete all of your activity and then click “Remove”.


It’s as simple as that! It just takes a while since you need to remove them one at a time. I’ve started with apps I had no idea even had access and will work my way out from there.

Good luck!


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