Fabulous Fall Coats

As reluctant as I am to admit it, fall is upon us here in New England. Gone are the days of tank tops and shorts, except maybe for that late fall heat wave Massachusetts always seems to get. The good news is, cooler weather opens up all kinds of new fashion options. It’s time to break out the fall wardrobe, a staple of which is the coat!


As I see it, there are 6 types of outerwear for the fall. While you don’t have to have one of each, I would definitely recommend getting at least a few different styles so you’re ready for any occasion.

1. Raincoat. While this depends on where you live, a raincoat is a must for those drizzly days, especially if you’re wearing white! I love the trench style raincoat as it looks more professional for the workplace.

2. Leather. Or in my case, faux leather. This style adds a little edge to your outfit, so it’s great for weekends or a night out on the town. I have one in this color, but black or gray would work as well since they’re all neutrals.

3. Denim. They may have gone out of style for a while but they are definitely back! It’s a great casual look for the weekends, with a dress, colored jeans or printed palazzo pants.

4.Trench. A shorter trench in a funky color or style is great when working in the city. You can look stylish while maintaining warmth as you walk from the train to the office and even out for drinks after work.

5. Puffy Vest. I personally have never been a vest girl, but I have seen it look great on so many other people that I had to include it. Pair it with a long sleeve tee or a light sweater for extra warmth.

6. Peacoat. You may not need this one until closer to winter, but this classic look is a wardrobe staple. It’s great for the office, a night out, fancy events or just running errands on the weekend. There are different weights as well – I have a pretty purple lightweight peacoat for fall and a heavier one (with a hood!) for when the snow starts falling.

I must admit, I have 5 out of these 6 styles in my closet. (I just can’t pull off the vest look, sadly.) The good thing is, I am ready for fall! Are you? What’s your favorite fall coat style?


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