Gifts For: Your Man

This is the first in my “Gifts for: 2014” series. Check out other posts under this category. Other topics to come: mom, dad, kids and the girls! Posts will go up every other Monday over the next two months.

Believe it or not, Christmas is just over two months away! Seriously, 2014 is just flying by.

October may seem a little early to start Christmas shopping, but I personally like to make a list super early and then keep an eye out for any good sales or discounts. There will certainly be lots of good deals in the coming months, so I like to have an idea of what I’m looking for ahead of time.

One of the people I have the most difficulty shopping for is my boyfriend. You would think after 5 years together, I’d have some good ideas but I’m always struggling to come up with the “perfect gift”. Anyone else have this problem?

To help my fellow ladies out, I thought I’d list out some ideas I’ve had in the past that went over well with my man.

Wallet or Money Clip
Us ladies love having a beautiful purse and matching wallet. Our men, however, generally couldn’t care less. They’ll keep on using it until it’s falling apart and then some. Pick out a nice leather or durable material for them, keeping in mind their preferences (trifold vs. bifold, black or brown, etc). Macy’s is always a good choice. Or you can get their initials etched in to the wallet or money clip to make it a little more personal. I bought my guy a money clip with his initials from Etsy and he loved it.

Night Away
Whether or not you live together, you could probably use a night just to yourselves. A full trip away would be great, but sometimes I like to plan a night away close to home. We can drive there in the morning, explore and have a night to just enjoy each other’s company. Check out Groupon or Priceline which can have great deals! Or if you’re planning a last minute trip, check out the app called Hotel Tonight.

Sports or Theater Tickets
This doesn’t work for me, as my guy is not a sports fan and fell asleep in the middle of The Nutcracker, but I love the idea still. Pick up a pair of tickets to his favorite team or a fun play/musical you both would enjoy. It’s something special that you can do together!

Car Care
I can’t speak for every guy, but mine considers his car to be his baby, so getting him something for his car is always well received. Whether it’s gift cards for the car wash or an oil change or something bigger like getting it detailed or having a remote starter (which is amazing in the middle of New England winters, I must say), there are a variety of options depending on the price range you’re looking to spend.

These are just a few of the many ideas I’ve had over the years. What’s your favorite gift you’ve given to a boyfriend or significant other?


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