Gifts For: Your Mom

This is the second post in my “Gifts for: 2014” series. Check out other posts under this category. Other topics to include: boyfriends/husbands, dad, kids and the girls! Posts will go up every other Monday through early December.

I can’t believe October is almost over! It really is time to start making my Christmas list, isn’t it?

My gifts for my mom are always something I try to make very special. My mom is an amazing woman who puts everyone else before her, so I try to get her something to show how much I appreciate all she does.

Here are some of my favorite gifts I’ve given her in the past:
Spa Gift Card
If your mom is anything like mine, she never takes the time to pamper herself even though she deserves it more than anyone. A gift card to her favorite salon, or a fancy new one in town, will give her the reason she needs to treat herself to a day of relaxation.

Have you gone on a fun family trip recently or done something all together that your mom loved? Make her a Photobook to preserve the memories! I’ve used Mixbook before and absolutely loved the result. It was really easy to use and they often have coupons so be sure to search for one before you finish your purchase!

Custom Jewelry
A mother’s children are her greatest joy so why not get her some jewelry so she can always have them close at heart? Whether it’s a ring with everyone’s birthstones or a necklace like this from Etsy, it’s something special just for her.

Cooking/Baking Supplies
My mom loves to bake, so we always have lots of cool supplies like cookie sheet liners, pop over tins and mixer attachments. Check out Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond and even Marshall’s to pick up some fun accessories for your mom!

What is the most creative gift that you’ve ever given your mom? I’d love some new ideas for this year šŸ™‚


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