One Year!

Yesterday marked my one year blog-aversary! Time to celebrate!!

It’s been a great year! I’d like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of my readers!

To be honest, I never thought this blog would last past a few months, so I appreciate all of your support. I wanted to be able to explore my love for writing and, while I’ve certainly done that, I’ve learned so much more. I love this blog and hope to keep it going for some time to come.

Alright no more sappy stuff – on to the fun stuff: stats! Let’s see if we can beat these numbers in Year 2 😊

β€’ 153 Posts
β€’ 670 Tags
β€’ 116 Blog followers
β€’ 43 comments
β€’ 158 shares
β€’ 2,397 views
β€’ 572 Tweets
β€’ 84 Twitter Followers
β€’1,094 Pins
β€’ 7 Facebook likes (let’s work on that one – help a gal out!)
β€’ Most Popular Post
β€’ Throwback: My First Post (before I figured out how to make cool graphics)

Thanks again and here’s to a great second year! 😘


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