My Credit Card Fraud Story

With the almost weekly reports of debit card data being stolen, I’ve been using my credit card a lot lately. I figured this would lessen the risk of any identity theft and protect my money.

Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky. At some point during my trip to California, my credit card information was stolen! IMG_2513.JPGThe one good thing about this whole thing is that I have Capital One and they have a very good fraud detection department. The downside was that someone was using it for a week before I even realized. I only happened to notice when I went to pay my bill!

When I logged on through the mobile app, there was a note saying my account was currently restricted and to give them a call. Nothing more.

Before I called, I took a look at my recent transactions and realized there were several I didn’t recognize. I grabbed my card and gave them a call. As soon as I called I was connected with the Fraud Resolution team.

In talking with them, I found out that my account was flagged for potential fraudulent activity when a small charge went through and then was immediately refunded. Apparently this is common when cards or information is stolen, as the thief is trying to see if the card is still active.

Over the few days after that, the thief tried to charge well over $2,000 to my card. Luckily most of them were denied, though a few did slip through. The customer service rep went over each of the recent card transactions so I was able to make sure everything that wasn’t mine was credited back to my account.

In all, it didn’t take long to resolve everything and I received a new card two days later. I was very happy with how on top of it my credit card company was, because I didn’t even know my information had been stolen!

The moral of this story is – check your account frequently! Review every transaction to make sure it’s actually yours. It could start off small but you might end up have thousands charged to your card without even realizing.

Have you ever had your credit card information stolen? How was your experience in resolving it?


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