Gifts For: Your Dad

This is the third post in my “Gifts for: 2014” series. Check out other posts under this category. Other topics to include: boyfriends/husbands, moms, kids and the girls! Posts will go up every other Monday through early December.

I always find my dad hard to shop for. He’s such a sweetheart that he’ll love anything that I get him, but I always want to make sure it’s very special rather than your run-of-the-mill kind of gift.

IMG_2385.JPGSports Memorabilia
My dad is probably the biggest Red Sox fan I’ve ever met, so getting him something Sox related is always a hit. I have bought him some really nice shirts and jackets that he wears all the time. But another thing he loves is the memorabilia, such as baseballs, framed photos or signed items. has a shop for every team, so check it out!

Office Decor
One thing I’ve noticed about my dad is that he loves to have framed pictures of us all, but he never frames them himself. Getting him a nice framed photo or an engraved name plate for his desk is a great unique idea.

Golf Course Gift Card
Personally, I don’t like to give generic gift cards, like clothing stores or dining. But when it’s to a specific place that’s meaningful to the person, that’s a different story. My dad golfs almost every weekend, so he would love a gift card for a round of golf at one of the nicer courses in the area.


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