Secret Santa Gift Ideas

When you have a large group of friends, it’s sometimes easier for each person to buy one nice gift, rather than trying to buy something for everyone. I do two of these “Secret Santa” swaps each year – one with my college roommates and one with my boyfriend and all of his friends. It’s so much less stressful and you end up with one gift that you really love.

I try to make my gifts really special, since they’re just getting mine! Here are some ideas I’ve had in the past…

“Survival Kit”
Last year, I picked my friend who takes the train to work, is a Starbucks addict and loves beauty products. I got her a pair of headphones, some travel makeup essentials and a Starbucks giftcard. I wrapped it up in an adorable box and called it a “Salina Survival Kit”. It was a big hit!

Fleece Tie Blanket
I love pillows and blankets. I have a ridiculous amount and I am completely OK with that! One of my favorite blankets is a fleece tie blanket. It’s super warm, can be made in any color and is easy to make. Find more details here.

Personalized Gifts
Whether it’s an engraved wallet, monogram necklace or pretty bag with their initials, your friend will love something that is unique and just for them. Etsy is my go-to for all personalized gifts. There’s an option on there for every friend.

Beauty Products
Let’s be real – girls love to pamper themselves. But beauty products can be expensive! Treat your friend to that eyeshadow palette or expensive foundation she’s had her eye on. And for the fellas, a nice cologne is always a welcome idea!

What have you given as Secret Santa gifts? I could use some creative ideas for this year!


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