Gifts For: Kids

Whether it’s your own kids, younger siblings or cousins, or other children in your life, kids are lots of fun to shop for!
Board or Card Games
I think kids spend way too much time playing video games these days. Get them away from the TV or computer with a classic game. Monopoly, Sorry, Uno and Phase 10 all come to mind.

Hat, Scarf and Glove/Mitten Sets
Kids are notorious for losing things. So stock them up on some cute outerwear accessories. If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you’ll recognize how necessary these are!

Custom Ornaments
I have an aunt who gives me and each of my cousins a unique ornament each year, with our names and the year on them. I love this idea because now when we decorate our Christmas tree, I have lots of family memories to think of when I’m hanging all of my ornaments. You can get them on Etsy or at any engraving store.

Savings Account Deposit
The little one might not appreciate it now, but if you and other family members deposit $50 or $100 into an account in the child’s name, starting when they’re very little, they’ll have a nice little nest egg waiting for them when they graduate college and money is tight. I wish someone had done this for me!

What are your favorite gifts to give to kids in your life? Do you give each child something different or pick a theme for everyone’s gifts?


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