Michael’s App Review

I have been in a super crafty mood lately! As such, Michael’s has become one of my favorite stores, partly because of their awesome app.


Coupons – Honestly the coupons alone are enough to make the app worth it for me. There is always some kind of coupon, usually 30-40% off a regular prices item. And the cashier can just scan it right from your phone – no need to print!
Weekly Ad shows you what’s on sale throughout the store, in every department.
QR Scanner – I haven’t tried this out myself but it’s a pretty cool feature. You can scan an item and get the price, without having to wait in line or ask an employee
Size – the app only takes up about 27MB, which is great for me considering I only have the 16GB iPhone!

Products i.e. Shopping is difficult to do on the app. I find it easier to just go to the website.
Speed – the app can be a little slow sometimes, especially the (very pretty) opening. If you don’t have good cell service, you might not be able to open the coupons very quickly – something to keep in mind!

Overall, I’m a fan. It’s a simple app but it gets the job done for me – namely pointing me in the right direction of great savings!


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