Dream Home

I like to consider myself a novice real estate expert, thanks to all my late night HGTV watching. I know way more about mortgages, renovation and house hunting than your average 23-year old.

But what is my all time favorite HGTV program? THE DREAM HOME!

Every year, HGTV builds, decorated and then gives away a beautiful home. And when I say beautiful, that is no exaggeration. The houses are done down to the very last detail and they are always stunning.

And the best news (for me at least)?? This year the house is in Martha’s Vineyard!!!

Usually the houses are way too far away for me to consider, since I’d never get to enjoy them. But this year it’s a reasonable proximity to home – woohoo! I’ve been entering every day and thought I’d pass along the link so you all can too!

HGTV Dream Home Entry Form

You can enter once a day on HGTV.com and then again once a day on FrontDoor.com. The contest ends at the beginning of February, so you still have plenty of time to get some entries in.

Good luck, friends! And if you do win – I shall be jealous, but very excited for you! 🙂


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