Tips for Your First Apartment

We’re moving in to our new place next weekend! This is the first time either of us are moving out of our parents’ house, other than college, so there’s a lot to do and be done!

While we still have a lot to get done over the next week, we’ve accomplished a lot as well. We have a few things to buy and a lot of packing to do, but things are pretty well figured out.

Since getting ready for your first place can be a stressful time, I thought I would share some helpful advice I’ve received over the last few months:


•Prepare a list of what you have and what you need to get Prioritize what you still need to get, since you don’t need everything right away. For example, we want to get end tables and another couch, but we don’t need them for the first month or two at least.

•Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if they have anything they want to get rid of. My aunt gave us two big boxes of cups and other kitchen supplies. Every little bit helps!

•Comparison shop and look for coupons/sales. You can get the necessities (toilet paper, detergent, towels, etc.) for really good prices!

•You don’t need top of the line brands for everything. I’m not saying you should get the cheapest brands, but instead get solid, reasonably priced basics and replace them over time.

Moving in to your first apartment should be an exciting time, so try not to stress (advice I should take myself) and enjoy the adventure!


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