Why I Love Hulu Plus

Earlier this month, I switched my hours at work so I could be in and out earlier, so that the traffic on my commute wouldn’t be as bad. Overall, it’s pretty great. I feel more productive and I’m home by 4:30 just about every day.

As a result, I now wake up much earlier and since I’m one of those people who needs at least 7 hours of sleep to be a functioning human, I’m in bed super early most nights. It’s not so bad, except for one downside: I’m missing out on all of my shows!!!

Thankfully I have had a Hulu Plus account for a few years now. I used it a lot senior year of college but haven’t made the most of it since then, until recently. I’m now taking full advantage of it and loving it!

Here’s why I love it, and a few areas for improvement:
•Most major channels have their shows available. Some channels (like CW) only have a certain number of episodes though, so it’s not as great for binge watching seasons. CBS is another major channel whose shows aren’t always available.

•Autoplay is great for lazy people like me – you can have it automatically play the next episode once the one you’re watching finishes. If there aren’t any more episode it’ll play an episode of a similar show

•You can access your account through apps on your phone/tablet, computer and devices like Apple TV or XBOX. Lots of watching options! I could be wrong, but sometimes the computer version has more episode options (at least it did a few years ago!)

•Even with Hulu Plus, there are commercials which is annoying since you’re paying for it. But there’s less than if you were watching it live (or even on demand sometimes) so it’s not as bad as it could be!

•The price might seem steep but it’s $120 total for the year ($9.99 a month) and you get a lot of features for it. If it’s something you’d use frequently, I’d definitely suggest it

My boyfriend has a Netflix account as well but I honestly find myself using Hulu a lot more. I love catching up with my shows – NBC #WCW and ABC #TGIT, anyone??


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