Choose Your Groupons Carefully

When Groupon first gained popularity, it seemed like such a great concept. An easy way to save money on something you already wanted to do while also helping businesses attract new customers, right?

In some cases, yes. I’ve had Groupons that are easy to redeem and the service or product is of great quality. But I’ve had just as many, if not more, where I was really disappointed. I’ve been to restaurants where the servers are quite rude once I let them know I’m using my Groupon. I’ve not been able to redeem some because the company becomes inundated with appointments and can’t handle the volume. Bought products that break or don’t work properly within a few uses.

So now, I’ve learned my lesson. And hopefully you can learn from my experience as well!

I only purchase Groupons now if:
•I know I’ll be using the product or service in the near future. For example, i bought a Groupon for a Paint Nite I could redeem the same day when I signed up for the event.
•Someone I know has used the same Groupon successfully.
•The Q&A section of the listing answers any questions or concerns, such as those listed above, I may have about redemption.

What had been your Groupon experience? Do I just have bad luck or is it really a hit or miss kind of thing?


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