About Me

Like countless others, I am a recent college graduate who left college with a mountain of debt. My student  loans are literally half of my net salary, despite having a decent job and having attended one of the top business schools in the country. However, despite my new-found broke status, I refuse to let my twenties slide by without enjoying them! I started this blog to share my experiences with navigating the real world on a tight budget, and I’m so excited to see it succeeding!

So, who am I? Well, here are some fun (at least I think :)) facts about me:

  • I was born and raised just north of Boston, MA
  • I am a huge Red Sox fans and attend 6-10 games per year, at a minimum
  • I also keep score at just about every Sox game I attend. This began as a way to keep me occupied when I was a restless child at the games and has evolved into something I love to do
  • Writing is a passion of mine. I actually began this blog because I had begun to miss writing. After graduating, I didn’t have much of a need to write anymore, and I was beginning to feel a little lost
  • It is a personal goal of mine to travel to at least 1 new place every year, preferably even more

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