Organix Coconut Milk Hair Products

When it comes to hair, I must say I’m pretty lucky. My hair is naturally wavy, so I can curl or straighten it very easily. Lately I like to just wear my hair naturally, with a hint of curl. My biggest hair problem is that is gets frizztastic some days, especially in the humidity.

A few months back, I had a coupon for a hair care line I had never tried so I gave it a shot and boy am I glad I did. Organix Coconut Milk is now my go-to for hair products.


I currently only use the shampoo, conditioner and mousse, but even with just those products I feel a difference in my hair. It’s smoother, silkier and much easier to manage. Plus the smell is divine – I feel like I’m on a tropical island with every use!

I can see how it works differently for different hair types though, so if this product isn’t the best for your hair, check out some other Organix lines. They have a variety of products so just about every type of hair is covered.

Organix can be found at most local drugstores. The price is a little higher than some other hair care products but I’ve found it’s definitely worth the price.


Investment Worthy: Aruba Aloe

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had incredibly sensitive skin. While acne breakouts were never a huge problem, I always had to be concerned about having a skin reaction to any new beauty product.

In recent years, I’ve had trouble finding a sunscreen I can use without breaking out. And since I was heading to Aruba for my anniversary, I was really worried…

Luckily, the first day of our trip, we wandered down to the shops near our hotel and came across an Aruba Aloe store. Boy, am I glad we did!


Aruba Aloe offers a variety of skin care products, including lotions, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lip balm and more. Their products come from an aloe factory on the island, which you can tour along with their museum.

Their website allows you to buy and ship their products to the US, which is great for anyone who can’t make it to the island (though I highly recommend visiting!). While the prices can seem a little high, the quality is absolutely worth it.

I purchased the very water resistant SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen and immediately fell in love. Unlike other sunscreens which can feel greasy, I felt like I was just applying regular lotion. And it has a great scent, which is an added bonus.

So, if you are looking for a quality sun care product for the beach this summer, definitely check out Aruba Aloe. And let me know what you think!

Polish Perfection: Sinful Colors

I have always found doing my own nails to be relaxing. It gives me a half hour or so to just sit back and treat myself and take a break from any stress that’s going on.

I’ve never been one for manicures at an actual salon, though. My skin is incredibly sensitive to new products and I’m very picky about the finished look of my nails, so it’s never seem worth the cost to go get my nails “professionally done”.

As a result, I’ve amassed quite a collection of nail polish. I have made it a point to try a variety of different brands in order to find what works best for me, and I have definitely found a brand I like the most: Sinful Colors


Here are some of the highlights of Sinful Colors polish:
Quality – I hardly ever have an issue with this polish chipping or smudging, which is key for me since I tend to redo my nails as soon as I see a chip!

Variety – Like any successful nail polish brand, Sinful Colors had a wide array of colors from which to choose. But in addition, there are different textures and finishes, such as a shimmer or sparkle, which allows you to add a little something unique to your manicure.

Inexpensive – The price probably varies depending on the store and your location, but I generally only pay $2 for a full-sized bottle. Compared to $8 for “high quality” brands, this is a huge bargain.

Brush Size – This may seem an unusual factor to consider, but I have very small nails beds. So when a polish brush is too wide, it’s difficult to paint my nails neatly. While Sinful Colors’ brushes are larger than some brands, they’re a good size for me and allow me to have a good amount of control when applying polish, which makes for a much better final product.

All in all, I suggest you check out Sinful Colors. While I still enjoy other brands such as Essie, OPI and Orly, I feel Sinful Brands can sometimes be viewed as low quality due to its low price. But I assure you that has not been my experience.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Review: Primal Instincts Palette

In terms of makeup, I usually go with just the basics. I don’t have the artistic talent or the patience required to put together a fancy finished product. Concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow and mascara – that’s my usual routine.

Since I don’t use much makeup, I’ve never really invested a lot into my makeup. No fancy name brands in my makeup drawer! But one day, I had some time to spare before meeting some friends for dinner, so I wandered into the Sephora next door. For a budget conscious girl like myself, the prices seemed a little high to me, especially since I keep my makeup routine low key. But I came across a pretty palette that was on sale – $15!


Sephora’a Primal Instinct Palette includes mostly tan and brown neutrals, with some splashes of color and sparkle. These colors might not work best for everyone, but for a blue-eyed gal like myself, these shades are my usual go-to.

Though there is a wide variety of colors, the colors all blend pretty well together. This gives you a lot of options when deciding on your look! It’s a lot easier than trying to find individual colors that blend together on their own. There is also a mirror within the case, so this is a handy kit to bring when you’re on the move.

Some of the colors come out darker than you expect when applying the shadow, so keep that in mind. The sparkles are also a bit too shimmery for my taste. There’s no brush or even space for a brush, so if you do take it on the go with you, you either have to remember to bring a brush or use your fingers.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good kit, especially for the sale price I paid. My suggestion would be to try out the colors on a tester if possible to make sure that shades suit you well.

Anyone have any Sephora products they love? Or eyeshadow palettes they’d suggest?


Fresh Skin Favorites

In terms of skin, I have been pretty lucky. I had a smattering of acne as a teen, but my skin is usually pretty clear and even. Other than some fairly deep bags under my eyes (see my Eye Cream post for my solution), my only real skin issue is some dryness in the wintertime, which from what I’ve heard is fairly common. I do, however, have very sensitive skin, so when it comes to beauty products, I have to be especially careful in what I use.

This is why I’m so glad I came across a new (to me, at least) skin care line just a few months ago. Vichy Laboratoires is a French dermatological line designed for sensitive skin. Their products are soothing and remarkably effective. While they are on the expensive side, with daily skin cream costing between $32 and $55, they are absolutely investment worthy.

So far I have three Vichy products: the Thermale 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Solution makeup remover (left), the Densifying Re-Sculpting Care Skin Cream for nightly use (top right) and the Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream for daily use (bottom right) and I love every single one!
The makeup remover is great because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed, rather than oily like some removers. The skin creams both take a bit of time to set, so you might want to wait a bit between applying the cream and putting on your makeup. But they work wonders – my skin is so smooth and healthy looking since using these products daily.

I personally am not a huge user of beauty products, so it’s even more surprising how much I love and use these Vichy products. They’re so simple to use and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin already! I was hesitant to spend so much on these products since I’m usually the type to buy a beauty product and use it only twice, but I’m glad I made the investment because I’ve worked them into my daily routine. Not to sound cheesy, but my skin feels fresh and healthy – finally!

I purchased these at CVS, so you can find them at your own local pharmacy. Try them out and let me know what you think!

The Top Top Coat

As a chronic nail-biter, my nails are extremely weak which means that my manicure is constantly chipping. And combined with my inherent clumsiness, which leads to lots of smudging, my nails are almost always a mess.

After complaining about this chronic nail problem to a friend, she suggested I try out her top coat and boy am I glad I did!


Seche Vite top coat is a quick-drying clear coat that prevents smudging and chipping. It adds a glossy finish and firms up your polish to extend the life of your manicure.

At a cost of about $10 at your local pharmacy, this top coat is a little bit of a splurge. But as you only need one coat each time, you’ll get a lot of use out of just one bottle. Seche Vite top cost is absolutely an investment-worthy addition to your manicure kit!

Lose Those Bags!

In my mind, the key to surviving on a budget is knowing when something is worth spending the money on. If it’s “investment worthy”, then adjusting your budget to fit it in is a good idea.

Beauty products may seem frivolous at times, but when it comes to your skin, it’s definitely investment worthy. You can’t replace your skin and it’s better to take care of it when you’re young so that it doesn’t come back to bite you decades later.

My biggest skin problem has always been the bags under my eyes. Perhaps it’s because of my pale skin color, but my under-eyes can get downright purple, i.e. not cute. None of the countless skin creams and concealers have ever done a thing, until I found the magic of Michael Todd True Organics.

The eye cream from the Michael Todd line can seem a tad bit pricy ($40 + shipping for one tube), but it works wonders. Plus, you only need to use a little at a time, so the tube can last a lot longer than you might think. I also have extremely sensitive skin which means having an organic formula is the safest option for my skin.

Of course, I’m horrible at remembering to do anything on a daily basis so my bags are still hanging in there to some degree, but I can definitely see the improvement!
eye cream

What are your favorite skin products? Anything you consider absolutely investment worthy?