Simple Dinner Recipes

Sorry for the inconsistency in posting lately, friends! Moving, unpacking and shoveling have taken over my life these past few weeks!

Speaking of moving, one of the goals my boyfriend and I have in living together is to limit how often we eat out and to eat dinner together several times a week. He works a strange schedule, so we each eat alone a few nights a week. So we have been making recipes with 4 servings and eating the leftovers for lunch at work or dinner when we’re home alone. So far, so good!

I thought it would be fun to share a few recipes we’ve liked so far and I’m hoping to share a few each month. Since it’s still early in the month, I only have two to share right now, but I’ll have more next month!

1. Shrimp Cobb Salad – this was our first recipe in our new home! The shrimp is absolutely delicious and I found the dressing to be really refreshing.


2. Paleo Stuffed Green Peppers – one thing I’m trying to cut down on is carbs, so this recipe which uses vegetables instead of rice is a great alternative. We also sprinkled a bit of shredded cheese on the top. This was filling and delicious!


Anyone else have recipes to share? We’re looking to build our own little recipe book to try!


Free Books?!

As the daughter of a teacher, I was raised with an avid love for reading which has now carried over into my adult life. I’ve been known to read three or more books in one week — too bad work likes to get in the way. The problem? Books can be expensive! At the rate I can go through books, it seemed like most of my budget was going to buying books.

There are a few solutions to this problem…
1. I could trade books or borrow from someone, but none of my close friends or family read quite as much as I do so I run out of options quite quickly.
2. There are some used bookstores in my area that I frequent quite often. While these still requires some spending, the prices are at least half of original retail.
3. But best of all is something I learned recently from a friend can rent e-books from your local library…FOR FREE

Yes, you read that correctly — free books!!

Clearly #3 is my favorite option for my borderline bibliomania. And a perk on top of the free part (as if you’d need one)? You can check them out right from your computer or tablet. No need to leave the house!

I live in Massachusetts, so I’m able to rent through Boston Public Library and they have e-book licenses for just about every title I’ve been wanting to read. All it took was signing up online and I am now able to rent up to ten books at once!

If you have a Kindle or the app on your tablet or phone, you’re able to link up through Amazon and download the books straight to your device. And they stay there for two weeks, giving you ample time to read those novels you’ve been meaning to get around to. Each library has a certain amount of licenses per book, which means that you might have to add your name to a waiting list for more popular titles. But considering you get to read it for free, it’s not such a bad deal, right?

So check out your local library and see what budget-friendly options await you on their e-bookshelves! Let me know what you’re reading; I am constantly in search of a good book.